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J127 Ministry is a Christian-based organization to aid young people who have aged out of the foster care system are orphaned or homeless due to lack of family. We will provide a loving environment, focus on the individuals’ needs and help reinforce them in critical life skills, emotional support, spiritual growth, and education needs. We know by providing the right tools they will have a great chance of becoming successful as they transition into adulthood and become productive adults who will be able to break the cycle of poverty in every area of their lives. We will be able to help build their support system as they learn new coping techniques, problem-solving skills, reach their educational goals, heal emotionally and grow spiritually.

 Five Basic Principles:  


1. Develop intentional relationships with God and finding their purpose in life.— Spiritual 

2. Students will be matched up with three loving, caring, supportive, lifelong mentors that will walk side by side with their mentee as they help them accomplish their educational goals and learn necessary life skills. They will find genuine acceptance and encouragement for now and in the future.—Support System 

3. Weekly, mandatory practical life skill classes. Ranging from budgeting, cooking, sewing, gardening, taxes, health care/first aid, resume building, job skills, Bible study, healthy relationships, parenting, car maintenance ….etc. –Life Skills

4. Help students with their educational needs necessary to become productive members of their community and break the cycle of poverty. Youth will be required to enroll in trade school, college, GED training, or job training in a particular area by the end of the third month living at the J127 transitional home, as well as get a full or part-time job, depending on educational goals. –Education


5. Students will be involved in the community through volunteering with local non-profits, city projects, and churches. By giving back and serving others, we strongly believe you can discover who you were uniquely created to be. Service    

Reinforcing unique individuals in their eternal destinies 
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