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Your gift can change her life this holiday season!.png

Dear Friend,

At this very moment, girls like Bri are facing the harsh reality of homelessness. 


While you and I look for a place to stash our holiday shopping, she looks for a warm place to sleep and longs for the love of a supportive family.

Your gift can give girls like Bri a safe place to call home this Holiday season! GIVE NOW


After aging out of foster care, girls like Bri are likely to drop out of school and become pregnant—relying on welfare and increasing the odds that her own child will experience foster care one day.


Your tax deductible gift will provide her with the tools to break the cycle of poverty for herself and her future family—while living in the supportive, Christ-centered environment at J127.

A gift of just $32 is enough to provide a full day of support for a girl in need, providing things like safe shelter, food, clothing, life skills training, mentorship, and more!

And this holiday season, a generous donor has pledged to MATCH your year end gift to J127—up to $10,000! CLICK HERE TO GIVE NOW

Your gift can change her life this holiday season! (Instagram Post).png

Will you consider a gift of $32 or more to help us reach our $10,000 match goal by December 31st and provide a safe home for girls in need?


I know that you already believe in the work that God is accomplishing through your support of J127, meeting the ever-growing needs of young women who are facing homelessness in our community.

I know girls like Bri matter to you and that you believe, like we do, that she matters to God.


Thank you for being a champion for girls at J127 this Holiday Season. GIVE NOW


Adrean Stinnett 

Executive Director J127 Ministry

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Your gift can change her life this holiday season! (Instagram Post)-2.png

Your gift of any amount will be MATCHED by a generous donor, up to $10,000, until December 31st.

Your gift can change her life this holiday season!-2.png

$32 provides one day of support for J!

$64 provides 2 days of support for J!

$96 provides 3 days of support for J! 

$224 provides 1 week of support for J!

Your monthly gift is her greatest need!



Give online by clicking HERE.


Give by mail at: P.O. BOX 286 Mead, OK 73449


Give by direct withdrawal by clicking HERE.


Donate in-kind goods by contacting us HERE.

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