Invest in “J” by providing them with an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and discover who they were created to be.

Join The Legacy

$20 ($0.67 a day) will help cover the cost of daily items needed in the home. 

$38 ($1.27 a day) will help create a warm and comfortable space for "J" as she does the hard work of becoming the women that God has created her to be. 

$45 ($ 1.50 a day)  will help give "J" a chance to look into the future by providing educational opportunities, personal coaching and strong support system. 

A monthly donation of any size will help support the ongoing need to change a life

Your monthly donation will help secure the future of our first home that will house up to 10 young ladies. 


We're providing a safe and loving home for "J" every single day.


We're building a home to ensure those aging out of foster care can heal and become productive citizens in our community.


See how your donation is being put to work with real-time updates.


Lori A.

"We're all God's children. One big happy family and family helps family."

Kyle T. 

"Everyone desires to be loved and receive grace."

Phoebe K. 

"I’m excited to support J127 Ministry because they see this enormous need.  But even more than that, they see an opportunity to put James 1:27 into action and practice pure, genuine religion."

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