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  • Review the job description, requirements, and benefits provided below.

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  • Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions at the email address above. No phone calls please.


JOB DESCRIPTION: Resident Assistant

POSITION:  Resident Assistant

REPORTS TO: Executive Director

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Resident Assistant will be responsible for maintaining a safe and stable household that fosters the establishment of mature relationships, healthy lifestyle choices, and the development of personal responsibility. The Resident Assistant will be responsible for teaching and mentoring the development of “soft skills” - personal attributes that enable one to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.

 Safe and Stable Household

• Carry out “on duty” coverage responsibilities as scheduled

• Account for residents when “on duty” and ensure a secure environment

• Provide consistent biblical leadership by enforcing J127 rules, policies, and procedures as outlined in the J127 occupancy guide and program materials

• Assist in providing health and safety needs of residents by responding appropriately if an illness or emergency occurs

• Report maintenance and supply needs to the Executive Director

• Assist in the orientation process; participate in volunteer opportunities, help residents adjust to new space, etc.

• Provide/arrange transportation for residents


Establishment of Mature Relationships

• Promote a Christ-like atmosphere while on and off duty

• Be an engaging presence in the house that ensures warmth and acceptance to both new and “veteran” residents

• Develop a positive and cooperative atmosphere by celebrating accomplishments, having one-on-one times of connection, and scheduling “community discussions” weekly and as needed

• Employ conflict-mediation and confront bullying behaviors, as needed, to maintain a peaceful atmosphere


Healthy Lifestyle Choices and Life Skills

• Plan, encourage, and participate in daily and weekly activities that foster physical and mental well-being, i.e., walks in the park, arts & crafts, games, etc.

• Foster the development of life skills in a daily and informal manner, i.e., menu planning/preparation, personal hygiene, etc.


JOB DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                                             

Development of Personal Responsibility

• Confront violations of J127 household rules and policies and take appropriate action. Report discipline matters to the Executive Director

• Provide accountability for a clean/sanitary living space by organizing/overseeing household chores, conducting regular room checks, and enforcing clean living standards

• Encourage self-advocacy and diplomacy when resident complaints or grievances are made



• Complete written requirements of the position in a neat and timely manner (i.e. incident reports, weekly achievement, etc.)

• Participate in regular staff meetings and provide feedback on resident needs and policies/processes

 • Attend training as directed by the direct supervisor


QUALIFICATIONS: The Resident Assistant will demonstrate/possess the following attributes:


• Growing relationship with Christ and desire to minister to others

• Active lifestyle that exemplifies the attributes defined above (i.e., a healthy lifestyle, personal responsibility)

 • Supportive network of friends and relatives

 • Engaging style of leadership

• Sound decision-making framework

 • Good communication skills

• Emotionally intelligent and able to set clear boundaries with others

• Prompt, reliable, and available to work scheduled hours (afternoon/evening/overnight)

 • Able to receive instruction/feedback and work as a team member

BENEFITS:  The following benefits will be available to the Resident Assistant:

 • Salary compensation as outlined on the employment contract

• Private one-bedroom apartment and access to shared living spaces

• Use of the company car, personal care, and pantry items for own use (as available)

• Flexible days off

Frequently Asked Questions About the Overnight Resident Assistant (RA) Position

Q: “Is the RA position worth it?”

A: There are two different sides to this question. Being an RA is not just a job but a life experience. It’s an opportunity to change lives for generations to come. To share the love of Christ with others and help “J” discover who she was created to be.  If you only want the RA job for the money, it may not be worth the time and emotional effort you need to put forth. If you put 100% of yourself into this job, it will benefit you and “J” in so many ways, some of which you will not recognize for years to come.


Q: “Do I have to stay at J127 during my whole shift?”

A: No, the only time you are required to stay at J127 is when you’re on duty, in order to build relationships with “J” and be able to carry out on-duty responsibilities.


Q: “Do I have to stay up all night during my shift if I do any overnights?”

A:  No. You can sleep during the night in the one-bedroom apartment provided to you during your shift. If an emergency arises during the night, a resident will knock on your door.


Q: “Do I have to work on weekends?”

A: Yes. RAs are required to work some weekends. Just know that you can ask off in advance if it’s your weekend to work, other RAs will step up and help.


Q: “Can I have another job?”

A: Yes, as long as it’s NOT between 6:00 pm-5:00 am during your scheduled shift.


Q: “Do I get my own room?”

A: Yes, we provide a private one-bedroom, one-bath apartment for you to use during your shift, and use of company car for resident transportation and pantry items (as available) for own use during your shift.          


Q: “What is the pay scale like?”

A:  RAs are paid $12 per hour when on-duty. They don’t get paid to sleep. However, if an emergency takes place overnight, RAs will be paid for the time they are up. (It is very rare that you don’t get a full eight hours of sleep.)


Q: “Will I be trained for the RA job?”

A: Yes, training will occur when hired, and ongoing training will be provided as needed.

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